River Ports

     Bowwaves  on the Waikato
   Graham Vercoe ISBN 0-7900-0578-6
   *  Names of ships working the Waikato River. A history
   The New Zealand Pilot Eleventh Edition 1946 
   *All  rivers and streams accessed as Ports recorded...
   Rapids and  Riverbanks. On the Wanganui River 
   Robert D Campbell ISBN  0-908782-01-2 
   *  Names of ships working the Wanganui (Whanganui) River. A  history
   River Punts and Ferries of Southern New Zealand 
   A  R TyrrellISBN 0-908774-27-3 
   *  History of river ferries and ferrymen in the South Island.
   The  little ports of Taranaki 
   Margaret de Jardine. ISBN 0 47301  455 6
   *  The Industrial History of Coastal shipping of the Taranaki 
   Sumner  to Ferrymead
   *  A list of the ships that crossed the Sumner Bar
   Henderson & Macfarlane Circular Saw Line
   *  Anthony  G Flude 1993 

Bush and other Tramways

The Era of the Bush  Tram in New Zealand
Paul Mahoney
ISBN 0-908876-80-7
*   A history of the timber tram transport  system
Logs  and Locomotives
Roly Holm 
ISBN 0 88469 123  8
*   From the view of one who worked on the Timber Tramways
New  Zealand Railway and  Tramway Atlas
 ISBN 0 900609 92 3
*  Incudes maps showing the locations of many tramways and mills
The New Zealand railway, tramway & bus bibliography
*   compiled  by Sean Millar.
ISBN  0 90872 625 2
Historic Gold Trails of  the Coromandel
Tony Nolan
Gold in a Dish
M Johnston
ISBN 0-9597974-4-0
*   Tramways in the Wakamarina Gioldfields
The Golden Reef
Darrell Latham
ISBN 0-908568-12-6 
The gliding peak more  tales of old Taranaki
D. H Rawson 
ISBN 0 47300  838 6 
*   Mentions some timber mills that used tramways 
Tracks in the North
H J Hassen & F J Neil  
ISBN 0-473-01614-1
*  Mining, flax and bush tramways north of Auckland
Don't Frighten the Horses
Wellington    Tramway  Museum Inc
ISBN 0-9582231-5-7
The Mt Somers Tramways  1886 - 1943
I D  Maffey

Tall  Trees and Tramways.
Bryon Somervell
ISBN 0-473-10557-8
New Zealand RAILFAN
September 2008
Climax 1317 - Working Life  P65-77
J Fitzgerald.
P Mahoney
The era of the bush tram in New Zealand 
From the station platform:  An historical account of Ormondville station and district from a railway perspective. 
**    Before the advent of  tractors and logging trucks most of the logs transported to timber mills were
  hauled by Horse or Bullock teams. 
The main methods were to use a Junker which was a large wheeled frame pretty much used as skidders today.
The junkers was holding up the front of the log and the horse/bullock team are harnessed to the junkers..
Sawn timber was taken from  the mill to the nearest town or railway by flat wagons.
New Zealand is a great  place for rain and all the sawmills would be isolated into muddy  
tracks limiting the movement of  logs in and sawn timber out. 
the tramway solved this problem...
The first tramways were horse and bullock drawn or gravity powered..later geared steam locomotives were used.
 Flax Mills
The New Zealand  Cyclopedia 
*  various entries
Foxton 1888-1988 The  First Hundred Years
A N Hunt
Flax Mills of the South
Margaret  Trotter 
ISBN 0-908720-28-9

Ferntown to Farewell Spit
Carol  Dawber & Cheryl Win
ISBN 0-9582252-6-5 
   *   Photographic essay of places and people  of the area
   *  Article  in the School Journal Part 4 No3 1977... some photos included but no  location 
Tokomaru School &  District Centenary
1893 - 1993 
C  Stevenson
ISBN 0-473-01882-9
(Swainson, 1853:142). 
(New Zealand Law Society, 1989, p. 7)

*    Very  few waka out of the thousands that plied the rivers of New Zealand have 
   been recorded

The Maori Canoe 
Elsdon Best 
Waka,  ferry, tram : Seatoun and the bays before 1958
   Bob O'Brien.
*  the maritime history of a Wellington suburb

*  With thanks to Patricia  and Alan Gaudion..
*  Mark Caulter and Carol  Bond
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