Sceptical Views.
The Encyclopedia Want to check out the latest kook claims ??
Evolutionary Chain
Man and his origins.
The Bad Astronomer
Look here to see 'what's out there'
The 'Moon landing
The definitive 'fake' photos :-)
A lesson for ancient students
Crop circles
A How to Do It. and a Who Did it
A sceptical set of views And well worth the look and any time taken..
All the bible errors here's where you can see the bible errors for yourself.
Quintessence of the Loon
Peter Bowditchs excellent set of Pages
Behind the claims A collection of links to the supposed Nordic intrusions into the American mainland..
Planet X
So far the world has been destroyed by this 'object' every year
The Nuremberg Transcripts The Avalon Project.
Cranks  All the cranks
 For the gullible Yeti and other wacko claims

Stop Sylvia Browne!

So, what's the nearest Star doing ?

Solar X-rays:Status
Geomagnetic Field: Status


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