Salvation Army
Sami Line
GH Scales Ltd
Seabird Limited
Sea-Tow Limited
Senior Foundry Ltd
Settlers Steamship Co Ltd
Shag Point Coal Co
Shaw Savill & Albion
Shell Company of New Zealand
Shell Tankers
Ship Builders Ltd
Ship Constance Craig Co Ltd
Ship Ilma Co Ltd
Ship Leasing (1982) Ltd
Skeggs Fisheries Ltd
Skibs A/S Stroms Transport
James Smiths & Co Ltd
WH Smith & Sons Prop Ltd
C.H. Sorenson & Sonner
Sounds & Golden Bay Steamship Co Ltd
South Taranaki Shipping Company
Southern Cross Shipping Company
Southern Fairmile Co
Southern Steam Navigation Co
Southern Traders Limited
Spiral & Lock Bar Steel Pipe Company of NZ Ltd
Stainton & Company
Stanaways Towing Co Ltd
Steamships Invercargill Ltd
Steam Transport Service
Stella Fishing Company
Strait Shipping
Strongman Shipping Company
Subritzky Shipping Company
Subritzky Shipping Line
Sullivan Shipping
A/S Sunship
Sutton Bros Ltd